Pieces of You; A Mixed-Media Collage Tutorial


Are you ready to to dig deep and explore the magic of layers? This is a fun, simple project that’s also quite therapeutic and meditative. Enjoy, dear friend!   Materials you will need ** Mixed-Media paper of desired size (I recommend Strathmore brand) — You could also use something sturdy you…

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Here we are!

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Hi friend! Just want you to know I’m still here! And I’m so glad to have you here too! I promise I have some great content for you in the works— not only have I come up with some colorful projects to share through my creative discoveries, but I have a…

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Royalty Free, Just for you!

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I’ve created 8 Hand-Painted Watercolor Photoshop Patterns for you! You can use them to prettify text, shapes, and more in your Photoshop projects. I think they’d be great for invitations and fliers. I also included the .png files in case you want to use the fun splotches of color in…

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What I’ve Learned From The Japanese Tidying Master

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Having a clutter-free home… Ah, that sounds nice. As a mama with a toddler that seems kind of… impossible! However, I’ve been super inspired by Japanese Tidying Master, Marie Kondo, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up — The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’….

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A Meditation Exercise

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The more we focus on the abundance we have within our soul, the more abundance we will receive [in all areas of life.] As beings made from stardust, part of this ever-growing and changing universe, we are meant to expand! That might sound far-fetched or simply poetic, but it’s scientifically proven–…

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