Royalty Free, Just for you!

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I’ve created 8 Hand-Painted Watercolor Photoshop Patterns for you! You can use them to prettify text, shapes, and more in your Photoshop projects. I think they’d be great for invitations and fliers. I also included the .png files in case you want to use the fun splotches of color in…

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What I’ve Learned From The Japanese Tidying Master

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Having a clutter-free home… Ah, that sounds nice. As a mama with a toddler that seems kind of… impossible! However, I’ve been super inspired by Japanese Tidying Master, Marie Kondo, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up — The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’….

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A Meditation Exercise

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The more we focus on the abundance we have within our soul, the more abundance we will receive [in all areas of life.] As beings made from stardust, part of this ever-growing and changing universe, we are meant to expand! That might sound far-fetched or simply poetic, but it’s scientifically proven–…

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Interview with Artist Kate Crossley

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**I’m so honored & thrilled to present this interview with the lovely Kate Crossley, who shares her thoughts & artwork from Cheltenham, England. What drew me to Kate’s Photoshop creations is the way she plays with light in such a way that evokes drama and elegance. Her art has an enchanting air, and as you take it, you retreat…

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5 Ways to Inspire Your Little One’s Creativity


Nothing is more rewarding than engaging in creative play time with your little darling. And it’s never to early to inspire creativity in your baby! Here are five easy, toddler-friendly art activities I love: 1. Crayons. Simple and pretty obvious, crayons are super affordable, mess-free and there’s little cleanup afterwards….

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